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Golfsmith Lie Board
The special hitting surface material on this Golfsmith Lie Board leaves a small temporary mark on the sole of the club head indicating lie angle at impact. For best results, have the golfer stand level with the board, which is 1/8" thick. Features: Durable; size is 7 1/2" x 15 7/8" Works with or without tape.

Only $29.95 each


Golfsmith All In One Gauge

The most sensible all-purpose club makers' gauge on the market. Measures all common grips sizes, shaft tips and shaft butts, now including several modern oversize butt tip sizes. Another new feature is the handy cutaway Shaft Trim Gauge that lays over a shaft tip or butt for easy marking prior to trimming.

Only $29.50 each


Golfsmith 42 Inch Fitting Rule

The Fitting Rule provides a direct and instant reading of driver and 5-iron length on the same ruler, which is made of top-quality aluminium with heavy duty, baked-on epoxy letters. Simply have the golfer stand with arms and hands relaxed at their sides, then measure from the wrist (the major fold of skin at the base of the hand) to the floor. Wrist-to-floor measurements are considered more accurate than fingertip to floor because the hands are closed around the grip.

Only $39.95 each


Shaft Cutter

Specially designed for metal shafts, this cutter is quick, easy and handy. The durable tool features a super hardened blade that makes precise work for tip-trimming and cutting steel and titanium shafts to their proper length. Replacement blades available. Not for use with graphite shafts.

Only $22.50 each


Golfsmith Deluxe Mr T Ferrule Installer

Features a durable aluminium sleeve with a hard ABS plastic handle. The ergonomic, T-shaped handle also features finger moulds underneath the handle for a more comfortable grip when installing ferrules. To install ferrule, place the butt end of the shaft on the floor and drive the ferrule on by hand; it will stop one inch from the tip. Then use the hosel of the club head to drive the ferrule down the shaft tip penetration depth. - Works on all conventional iron and wood shaft tips (.335" to .370") including tapered iron shafts.

Only $29.50 each


Golfsmith Professional Loft/Lie Machine

Club makers' Top of the Line! The Golfsmith Professional Loft and Lie Machine features a finely machined, dial-down clamp with soft metal jaws that keep nicks and marks to a minimum; rollers on the sole mount that readily accommodate cambered sole iron heads; and clear, easy-to-read side-by-side loft & lie indicators that give accurate readings every time.

Redesigned with a new clamping seat, dual-roller soling discs and a newly designed top line clamp to provide an even more secure hold on club heads and far more accurate bends. Offers the same or higher security than many other machines which cost up to 4 times as much.

Only $1,299.00 each


Golfsmith Professional Frequency Analyzer

The new Golfsmith Frequency Analyzer is the industry's state-of-the-art measurement device for determining shaft frequency characteristics Measures in both cycles per minute (cpm) and hertz for precision data acquisition. Selectable measurement modes with readings up to 1,000 cpm Strain gauge based sensing technology for accurate shaft frequency measurement.

Only $1,299.00 each


Golfsmith Professional Shaft Vise

  • Versatile, premium-grade shaft vise

  • Heavy duty aluminium C channel frame will not bend or collapse when under a load

  • Provides 500 lbs. of clamping pressure with 3 interchangeable jaws - round (regripping); V (shaft tips); & aluminium (shaft extraction

Only $195.00 each


Golfsmith Economy Shaft Extractor

  • This shaft extractor is specifically designed to work with any bench vise.

  • Extracts shafts from hosels as long as 5 inches.

  • Comes with reinforced rubber jaw, hosel plate and ratchet with socket

Only $195.00 each


Clubmaker Shaft Extractor
Industrial strength performance at an economical price. Durable and easy to use, the Clubmaker Shaft Extractor is designed for smaller shops but has no problem handling high-volume work. In its third version, this constantly improving tool now features a 5/8" round guide for the collar gate housing to slide on, rather than the extractor's frame in addition to proven features like the pressure-gauging T-handle, shaft clamp and permanently fixed collar gate.

Only $425.00 each


Golfsmith Professional Shaft Extractor
Designed for the professional who makes a high volume of club reap airs, this industrial-quality tool will be a workhorse in your shop for years. Second-to-none clamping power sets the Golfsmith Professional Shaft Extractor apart, but the feel provided by its 8" T-handle prevents breakage of lighter-weight shafts. The drive mechanism has six inches of throw to accommodate heads with deeper-than-average shafting depths. For heads with average hosel depths, this also allows multiple pulls. An all-new collar gate is attached to the drive mechanism and has three quick dial openings: .335", .350" and .370". The internal 500 psi spring assists in regulating the force required to break an epoxy bond.

Only $699.00 each


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