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Turner T5 400cc Titanium Driver Heads


   Available in RH 8, 10, 12 and 14 degree lofts
 LH 12 degree lofts

The 400cc Turner T-5 driver allows golfers to optimize distance, direction and trajectory. The SP 700 beta titanium face of the Turner T-5 posses the spring effect to help launch your ball to distances most golfers aren’t used to. The direction and the trajectory are determined by how the golfer places the 5 adjustable and interchangeable weights located throughout the head. The Turner T-5 also comes with extra weights of differing amounts which can be moved around until you find the perfect set up for your game. Don’t be left behind the times, get an adjustable weighted driver before you’re the last one in your foursome to have one.

To help draw the golf ball place the heavier weights near the heel.
To help fade the golf ball place the heavier weights near the toe.
To increase the launch angle place the heavier weights in the back section.
  • Comparable to the Taylor Made r7 driver
  • Each head comes with 3 half gram weights and 2 four gram weights preinstalled along with 2 extra weights weighing 6 grams and 8 grams
  • Each head comes with a wrench to remove and tighten weights
  • 400cc oversized head design offers huge hitting area and large sweet spot

Specifications :

Loft Available 8    10    12    14
Driver Lie 59
Driver Weight 200 Grams
Driver Volume 400 cc
Face Height 58 mm
Face Angle SP700 Beta Titanium
Face Angle 1º Closed
Face Thickness 2.3 mm
Diameter 0.335" Parallel Tip
Bulge/Roll 10"/10"
Hosel Depth 36 mm
Colour Black

OGC Price Only $115.00 Each

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